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Bienvenue, Welcome, Hello on our -Webpage. The page is simple to use .. just select what you want and hope u can find the right selection. 


We wish that we satisfy you! Feel free to invest into your BODY, into your MIND JOY or into your KNOWLEDGE.  Our webpage has a political touch but you not need to run politics .. only if u r ready to do so .. otherwise just come here and take INFORMATIONS, or participate in a JOYFUL PARTY or EVENT or SPORTS or MUSIC ACTIVITIES ( we show you SCHEDULES where u can ENTER ). Just if you like to win  a TRAVEL or GOLD or CASH MONEY  you can particpate in our MONTHLY WINNING GAME ( based on knowledge questions to be answered ).


If you have fun to discuss with other people about your hobbies or whatever you can also do or just to get actual NEWS /BACKGROUNDS which u need for yourself . is a platform which tries  to get MORE JOY in YOUR LIFE.


Translation-Summary in german language: Auf PARTYHOME.EU kann man Aktivitäten aussuchen und sich Wünsche erfüllen

( z.B. Besuch von Events/Sport-/Musikveranstaltunegn , Reisen oder Gold gewimnnen, an politischen Aktionen teilnehmen/teilhaben oder eben nur aktuelle Informationen einholen bzw. an Diskusionen partizipieren  ).

Partyhome.Eu ist eine Platform um Menschen zu helfen MEHR FREUDE am Leben  zu haben

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